ShopForArt Staff Picks – Denise C.

The Universe“My favourite images bridge two different categories: Abstract and Space. Each image (from “The Universe” series by Waukesha, WI based Jennifer Rondinelli Reilly’s studio, The Vault) can be perceived and interpreted with a different viewpoint each time it is contemplated. This type of art work appeals to multiple customer groups: women, men, students, millennials, corporate and those searching for a “Zen or Meditative” experience. The Universe Series

The images are very flexible which also allows them to be placed in many different rooms and locations in the home and office. They should look especially nice printed on acrylic or metal.

Ocean BlueThe abstracts (“Ocean Blue” and “Calm Waters” by Linda Woods and “Forever” by Trisha-Lee Kelshall) evoke the tranquility of water and soothing sounds of a walk on the beach.”

Calm Waters

Denise C., Regional Sales Manager

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